Dave captures the children’s imagination in his first readings

Dave captures the children’s imagination in his first readings

So how can I check if the children love the story?  The first readings to audiences of students from pre-K through 3rd grade become a stage for me to animate some of the exciting episodes in the story.  A spider jumps from my hands into the cluster if kids who snuggle around my feet.  As I offer samples of the dried worms Serea and Kai mixed in to their pancakes, the comments of “they’re crunchy” and “Can I have some more?” arise from little persons.

A teacher from the Buffalo Zoo magnet school shares “Sometimes the best thing for young children to do is slow down and take the time to go out in their backyard or local park and start turning over rocks to see what they can find.  Dave’s book encourages this behavior, and also highlights the importance of having an adult to share in these experiences.”

I feel excited that the children truly love examples of nature mysteries.  They too have laid down in bed during a dark and scary storm, thunder and lightning filling their bedrooms.  And several report the excitement of seeing their first fireflies as do Serea and Kai.

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